18 september - 3 october 2021


donderdag t/m zondag 13.00-17.00 uur


Kieran Hinde en Qiran Xu studeerden beiden dit jaar af aan de Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

Beiden werken met een onbevreesde kwetsbaarheid die past in deze tijd en dwingt tot vertraging. Tijdens

In Remain as Remained zullen krabben de zoektocht naar dood en eenzaamheid overbruggen terwijl een magnetisch levensspoor door Albert van Abbehuis trekt.

Kieran Hinde onderzoekt in zijn werk de relatie tussen natuur en technologie met een poëtische gevoeligheid. Met behulp van kunstmatige constructies inspecteert hij de natuurlijke kwaliteiten van energie. Hij vertraagt de blik van de kijker en fungeert als mediator tussen de natuurlijke en kunstmatige antithese.

In verschillende fijnbesnaarde allegorieën nodigt Qiran Xu, u de toeschouwer uit het perspectief op de dood te herwaarderen. De multidisciplinaire Xu schroomt daarbij niet zichzelf in te zetten als medium, waarbij ze speelt met het belang van de persoon, het dier en de ander.


Kieran Hinde and Qiran Xu both graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy this year.


Both operate with a fearless vulnerability that fits in with the times and forces us to delay. During the exhibition

In Remain as Remained, crabs will bridge the exploration of death and loneliness as a magnetic trail of life will pass through Albert van Abbehuis.


Kieran Hinde's work explores the relationship between nature and technology with poetic sensitivity. Using artificial constructions, he inspects the natural qualities of energy. He slows down the viewer's gaze and acts as a mediator between the natural and artificial antithesis.

Through several touching allegories Qiran Xu invites you to revalue the perspective of death together. The multidisciplinary Xu does not hesitate to use herself as a medium, in which she plays with the importance of the person, the animal and the other



499 seconds ago - photo credits Sterre Otten .png

Kieran Hinde, 499 Seconds Ago

Qiran Xu - In remain as remained - Kiran Hinde-24.jpg
In remain as remained - opening-5.jpg
Qiran Xu - In remain as remained -58-2.jpg

Qiran Xu, all stoners shall cry

Kieran Hinde

Kieran is a sensory focused artist who works with
sources of light, sound and movement to construct new
nature. Observing the natural, mixing it with the artificial,
he finds beauty in bringing them together and forming
interactive experiences. Playing with perception,
breaking out of the familiar and awakening our senses.


A series of artificial magnetic fields. Metal particles are moved continuously and leave traces in a sand landscape on top of the magnetic field. The continuous tracing of the particles, erase the traces of the before.

Portrait - photo credits Qiran Xu.png
Nonzero - photo credits Laura Schürch02.jpg

Kieran Hinde, nonzero

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Kieran Hinde, 499 seconds ago

Qiran Xu - In remain as remained - Kiran Hinde-36.jpg
Qiran Xu - In remain as remained - Kiran Hinde-25.jpg
Qiran Xu - In remain as remained - Kiran

499 seconds ago

We find ourselves in a time where we are creating a juxtaposition-position between nature and technology. 499 Seconds Ago explores the relation between these supposed opposites. The light sensitive devices mediate between the natural phenomenon of light and gaze. Drifting through space, orientating towards light they create a subtle play by making the color spectra of light visible. Through artificial construction this work invites you to slow down and consider the existence of light as it naturally occurs.

Qiran Xu - In remain as remained -17-2.jpg
Qiran Xu - In remain as remained -48-2_e
Qiran Xu - In remain as remained -74.jpg
Qiran Xu - All Stones Shall Cry in Van A

Qiran Xu

As a medium to transmit messages, sometimes Qiran will use herself. The works allow her to turn into ‘the Other’. She isolates her emotional components, turning them into hyperbolic metaphors on separate missions to seek consolation by witnessing it as an outsider. ‘For those who feel not seen, not heard, and not understood.’

previous work:

'The Hugger' - 1.jpg
Sound Cannot Cry Out - Qiran Xu.jpg

Qiran Xu, Sound cannot cry out

Qiran Xu - COUCH, 2019.jpg
'Mom and I_ Decay' - 2.jpg

Qiran Xu, the Hugger 

Qiran Xu, COUCH (2019)

Qiran Xu, Mom and I

Artist in residence period Albert van Abbehuis:

All Stones Shall Cry
People ask, can crabs remember faces? Can crabs recognize faces? Can crabs hear you? Do crabs feel pain? Do crabs like being petted? Are crabs lonely? Can crabs get sad? Can crabs die of loneliness? What is crab death?...

Within the project by Qiran Xu, the crabs will be a bridge to probe into the topic of death, in consists of installations, drawings, sculptures, an artist book and photographic video works.


I burnt my condolence.
A photographic series portraying the journey of burning the ‘badge of condolence’ in a forest for the grandpa.