Yu Zhang

Artist in Residence during the summer period of 2020.


Yu Zhang (*1979) approaches visual art with mixed reality installations and projections, sensor-based interactives, and computational arts. She uses systems design toolkit, to realize a complex multifaceted experience playing with the spatiotemporal context of audience’s interaction with the installations when digital and physical converge. She calls herself an artist by training, Yu Zhang (章聿) finished her PhD in 2017 on the theory and artistic practice of interactive technologies for public, large-scale installations (Eindhoven University of Technology, PhD Interactive Art and Design). 

In 2017, Yu launched STUDIO Ü in the Netherland. www.https://yuzhang.nl/



Exhibition “POLATECH 1”



Her work will be shown together with work of (inter)national artists

Ansgar Silies,Till Nachtmann,Stefan Silies


in the period of 27th of August till 6th of September.

27th of August: silent opening 17.00-19.00


The Art & Science salon will take place during the opening at 17.45, it will be an informal discussion with the artists and  Dr. Mathias Funk, Associate Professor in the Future Everyday group in the Department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). 

27th of August - 6th of September exposition open: Thursday -Sunday 13.00-17.00

( we will follow the regulations given by the RIVM)     

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