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A conversation starter

Part of Colour Chronicles, a research on colour by Stella Verdult

August 20th - August 27th



Collecting, archiving, stacking, shaping, collaging, transforming, questioning and layering colours into a new direction. Colour Chronicles is a conversation that is visualised through material research and is driven by a curiosity for colour.


The sun will heat up the house, colours will take over the walls and the garden will be lush. This summer the Albert van Abbehuis will belong to Stella Verdult and her ongoing search for new colours. She will play with collages, photography, words and most of all, the space. A conversation starter is a suggestive and heedful approach in which the diversity of colour is made visible.


As much as Stella Verdult enjoys talking to herself, the most fruitful outcome emerges when she includes other people into the conversation. Stella Verdult will invite people from her creative network to join her on a 1-day making spree, using lucid and childlike materials that soften the expectations and simplify the creative process, letting serendipity run its course. A light-weight and fruitful way of collaborating since there is no end-product needed, or even wished for. Artists such as Cindy Bakker, Pim Top, Tim Mastik and Studio Rens have already joined her on this joyful venture. 

The results of these so called “Playdates” will be placed next to Stella’s own work, forming a carefully curated expression of shapes, materials and colours.


Stella Verdult will work during this residency from  July 31th until August 27th in the Albert van Abbe house.



Stella Verdult is creative strategist with a specialization in colour and durability. 


Born in Eindhoven and having lived in 8 cities across 3 different continents, her cultural background gives her a unique perspective that is seamlessly weaved through her professional and creative work.


Her colour-research “Orange is also red” recently travelled through Japan where it was exhibited at Gallery Pen in Nagoya and TMH Gallery in Tokyo.


Stella Verdult has a background in fashion design but has recently stepped away from the this industry, focusing on a world where we design and create for longevity and durability. To her, sustainability is about improving the relationship between product and consumer. With her colour research Stella Verdult aims to offer the spectator a broader frame of reference on colour, thus affecting his or hers value standards. Since the more colours we see, the better we perceive our environment and the more we will value it. We nourish what we value.

“Having been inside the belly of the beast gave me the knowledge and stamina to help me understand the past of design, and question it. By acknowledging the complex contradictions within my field of work, and developing a future focused vision on aesthetics and value I have embarked upon many interdisciplinary adventures. I have been collaborating with inspiring companies such as Envisions, Byborre and Wolkat recycling. “

Over the last 5 years Stella Verdult has been teaching at several educational institutions such as Wdka, Dae and Kabk. Questions such as: “should we design the end at the beginning?” keep her busy. Referring to the pivotal death of a product, it’s forced obsolescence, and how to avoid the endless amounts of waste by including the end of a product at the beginning of the design-process.

For any inquires, feel free to contact her directly:

... daily activities.


De tentoonstelling is van do-zo 

geopend van 13.00 tot 17.00 uur.

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