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In February, the month that is shaped by the exuberant southern catholic carnival, we show in Lampengat or as we know it, Eindhoven: Adornment. A colorful exhibition with the work of Chieri Higa, Erik Vermeulen, Jukka Mathijssen, Samira Charroud, and Damselfrau


Anthropologically, carnival is a ritual of reversal, in which social roles are reversed and norms about desired behavior are suspended. Wearing masks would have originally been related to the worship of deceased ancestors, but it is not only the body-related works in which we find hidden stories.


Decorations, symbols and ornaments have a long history all over the world, from feathers to beads to contemporary accessories such as masks and mirrors. These decorations are often made to indicate their cultural, social or religious status within the community. By the message of the embellishments, these cheerful decorations let the wearer or owner of these pieces to stand out from others. The ornaments and symbols tell us something about someone's life story, but also the state of current politics, someone's rank or social status, gender, geography and ancestry. During this highly alarming era of corporate corruption, polarisation and climate change, curator Eva van der Moer wonders what stories need to be told today.














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