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Tentoonstelling 27 Augustus t/m 4 September
Donderdag t/m Zondag 13:00 - 17:00

The artist in residence period this summer at the Albert van Abbehuis was created with the topic of “Home - An intercultural exchange”.

The Albert van Abbehuis is located at the heart of Eindhoven and has a history as the living house of the Van Abbe family, who initially had a major impact on the cultural development in EIndhoven.  

Today makes Eindhoven an incredibly diverse city with a population of 355,889 people (according to Worldpopulationreview, 19 Nov 2020) and of these, 38.52% or some 63,873 people are of foreign descent. In Eindhoven people from all over the world find and build their new life and new homes.

A home is not just a building. It is a safe place. You can feel relaxed and be yourself. 

Every living creature on our planet has a home; every living creature builds, creates or simply inhabits a place which could serve it as Home. What does it mean for each one of us to be home, to feel at home? Home is not necessarily a physical space, it could mean a person, a scent, a sound, an image, an object, anything which could remind us of Home.


Our home shapes us as a person. It gives us values and has an impact on our world view and perception. But what happens when we have to leave home, for one reason or another?  Or when we are kept at home, confined to a space during a lockdown?


During this year’s artist in residence period the artist's projects evolved around anxieties, embarrassments and the culinary essence of home.

Bom Noh is a conceptual designer/artist who delivers messages and realizations through her works. Her interests rely on prevalent resources yet hidden that affect culture, societies, and the environment. She is currently a member of the collective “Gloomy Side-Up” and “Newcomer Society” which will showcase another project via DDW2022.

During the group exhibition “Cucumber, socks and the puppet” of the artists in residence 2022 at the Albert van Abbehuis, Bom is speaking about the experience of being ashamed or embarrassed and how it pinpoints how imperfect we are. Thus, embarrassment and shame are often unspoken and hidden. These feelings we face sometimes form a habit of avoiding the moments during our lives and creating a compulsion to be perfect.

How can we encounter these feelings we only want to hide and avoid? No one can have absolute immunity against shame or embarrassment. Bom Noh pulls a conversation by sharing her very own struggles of being ashamed and embarrassed through the project 'My Favourite Embarrassment'. It presents a silly yet confronting way of embracing, instead of hiding them through the series of objects that twist embarrassment and shame into a celebration of uncomfortable situations.

Seok Park is a designer who broadly explores ordinary yet hidden, forgotten, and undervalued things surrounding us. Based on strong stories and solid research along with respect for materiality, he designs fashion and textile objects to gain attention and empathy for what he discovered. Seok is currently working as a Studio POPOPO and participating in several design collectives - 'Gloomy Side Up', 'Newcomer Society', and 'Anothersouvenirshop'.

During the residency program, he developed his previous project 'Chain of worries' which discovers the designer's personal worries as sample research of everyone’s worries and visualizes them to gain empathy and rethink on own worries. 

Albert van Abbehuis being traditionally a family villa, it inspired to add a feeling of home to the spatial layers of Seok’s project and amplifies what the project communicates with the spectators.


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De tentoonstellingen zijn elke donderdag t/m zondag geopend van 13.00 tot 17.00 uur.

Tina Zlatina is a visual artist who graduated at High School of Applied Arts in Sofia and holds a Master’s degree in Sculpture and Fine Arts from the Bulgarian National Academy of Art.

Through her works, Tina gives a personal perspective on things, facts, people, places. She explores the invisible, the ephemeral and the intangible properties of life, presented in delicate pieces, made with meticulous precision and style.
Tina Zlatina has participated in many exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2012 she was a resident at EKWC where she made her first acquaintance with Dutch Art, continuing to this day. Tina Zlatina lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.

During the artist in residence program at the Albert van Abbehuis this summer 2022 Tina was working on the project “Oh, yeah. It’s just a simple cucumber” in mixed media and continued a projects which she had started with an extensive research of the international food market in Eindhoven in the year 2021.

“Oh, yeah. It’s just a simple cucumber” combines the taste of home, food identity and a view on integration issues.
Tina investigates in a series of works different international food, available in various international shops of Eindhoven. She explores what each of it means for each foreign community and evaluates what it means for herself – Controversial, subjective or just a personal opinion.

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Drawing by Seok Park

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