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MONKEY - Niels Egidius

30th of August - 30th of September

In these works, the artist pays attention to the basic needs of primacy and the simple pleasure in life. The monkey invites Egidius to lightly incorporate philosophical phantoms into his paintings. In a playful way, he creates alternative scenarios for the course of evolution, in which his naivety and childlike wonder prevail.


Niels Egidius curated a number of works made by designer Willem van Hooff as a contribution to his solo exhibition. While Egidius is fascinated by our ancestors "the Monkey", Van Hooff focuses on the next step in evolutionary theory. The works of van Hooff enter into a dialogue with those of Egidius.

By painting monkeys, Egidius tries to get closer to the essence of our existence as primacy and our urge to survive. Man is always busy with the future and is developing into an increasingly complex being. It frightens Egidius, who wonders if we are not getting further away from our animal sides.

Open Thu-Sun: 13h-17h



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