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We Are The Champions

Thomas Kuijpers (b. 1985) is a visual artist whose work explores the role of contemporary media narratives within our perception of the actual world. We Are The Champions focusses on the large collection of material around the 2010 FIFA World Cup, where the Netherlands took the first prize in the final.


In We Are The Champions, Thomas Kuijpers tries to rethink the way representations of happenings are communicated to us. Understanding manipulation, and how we can use information to mirror the world in a different way than it is, are often important points of interest; usually explored through topics that got a lot of media-attention. To both the artist Thomas Kuijpers and curator Eva van der Moer it's important to bring these stories in an accessible way to a wider audience, an audience that is not perse directly art-loving but may enter an art space for the first time because of the glimpse they catch through the window.


The topic of We Are The Champions reaches all walks of life, the power of sports and of a shared experience. For many people it will give a special retrospective view of that 'group feeling', being together and merging into an event. Naturally, the exhibition will only be open to a select group of visitors at a time.




















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