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Sham Movements 

11 dates · 13 Mar – 29 Mar


Exhibition is open on Thursday / Sunday 1 - 5 pm until March 29.


A house with many rooms. A gathering of five artists (who do not all call themselves artists). How did we get here again? Brought together, but not without reason. We are related in making circumferential movements. The step aside, a performance of the self, a voice that is drowned out. In addition to sound, video, sculpture and digital media, atmosphere, emotions, the relationship with ourselves and the viewer are perhaps even more important materials.


Sham Movements / Schijnbewegingen is a no-budget presentation by Gianni Skoric, Jelle van Assum, Lennart Creutzburg, Radna Rumping and Swaeny Nina Kersaan, as part of the Apprentice / Master Program organised by Kunstpodium T.


In samenwerking met Kunstpodium T is de expositie Sham Movements / Schijnbewegingen voorbereid bij het Albert van Abbehuis. Helaas viel de opening samen met de eerste lockdown en is de opening online gegaan met een live stream via onze Facebook page.

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