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Situation #2 - I Recognize Myself in You

Renée van Trier

7 Nov - 1 Dec 2019


I RECOGNIZE MYSELF IN YOU is a solo situation by Renée van Trier, curated by Pernilla Ellens and Eva van der Moer in Albert van Abbehuis, running from 7th of November till the 1st of December. A unique collaboration between the nomadic Wallspace and the Albert van Abbehuis. An exhibition, a performance and a concert of the artist who is at best in the multidisciplinary field to tell her many faceted and deeply layered story.

In her paintings, drawings and photographs, we see her cultural fascinations reflected in the many references. Language, both literary and everyday, connects Renée with the rest of the world. Her self-portraits and performances are enticing but also absurd, rare and even funny.
Two blue self-portraits; one is painted with rough brush strokes, showing an agonizing face, the other one more delicate and subtle, more realistic maybe. The blue double portrait is relatively the same, but at the same time there is a distinct difference in the recipe that almost seems feverous. But which version of Renée is the most real? Can we ever get to know the artist, or do we mostly see ourselves, being confronted with our own thoughts by looking upon another's image? Reflection is key here.

In I RECOGNIZE MYSELF IN YOU Renée van Trier looks the spectator in the eye and provokes to determine position. This makes the spectator an active part of her work. She forces the spectator to slow down and rephrase its reference. “What did I just see? Was it really her or just me?”






Renée van TrierRenée van Trier (1983) is a musician, a performer and a painter. She graduated from St. Joost Breda in 2008 and the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam in 2010. Van Trier performed and exhibited at (among other places) OCCII, Amsterdam - S.M.A.K, Gent, Belgium - Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch – Paradiso, Amsterdam - OTIS College of Art and Design, Los Angeles - Theatre Les Halles, Sierre, Switzerland - WORM, Rotterdam – MADHOUSE, Helsinki, Finland - CEAC Center, Xiamen, China - Grimm Museum, Berlin – Les Urbaines, Lausanne, Switzerland.



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